Type B personalities

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  1. Can type B personalities be great traders also. I hear time and time again that "i have a type a personality..." associated with good traders. What about those who are more relaxed patient,relaxed or easy going as opposed to workaholics. I can see if you are a fund manager type A is a necessity but for a professional independent trader i feel you dont need to slave to the screen so to speak. What are your thoughts? Discuss.
  2. It would seem to me that being a type A personality would be the worst thing for a trader. Type A people are typically doers. Organisers with a compulsive need to tick things off their 'To Do' list.

    This type of personality would almost certainly by predisposed to overtrading. And the most important part of trading is the waiting and doing nothing part. If you were a daytader, an A type personality may work, but not for longer timeframes.

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    I am definitely not type A personality-doing ok so far :) Always hatedd the type A in corporate enviro - the C***suckers
  4. A trader is a fisherman. As such, he must be able to sit patiently all day with his rod in his hand.
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    haha.. rod in his hands...

    anyway.. sorry. Monday morning here, and I needed to entertain myself with these gutter thinking.

    I agree with patience. I think trading is like playing blackjack. (I know I will get beat up on this comment). My reasoning is that someone, some firm out there always has more info than you. So you will have to wait and wait for a good moment with better statistical advantage (i.e. when the deck is better stacked for you). The wait is not just sitting around. It is watching, doing homework on the market, and figure out the why market swings one way or the other. Then find that moment to trade. So kind of like watching a black jack table to see if it is "good" table to join before putting your $25 chip in.

  6. do they even make those type B's anymore?

    what's a B anyways?