Type 1 civilization

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  1. Are you hallucinating??!!!

    The Obama/Reid/Pelosi triumvirate is moving us further away from Civilization 1.0. More protectionism (look at Mexican trucking salvo), more power to unions (who are parasites who kill their hosts), more taxes inhibiting growth, more wasteful government spending, fewer people paying taxes and on the government dole (and government employment, which is the same), etc.
  2. The unions have been dissolving since 1982, and there is nothing in Obama's power to reverse this. The only reason why Obama may appear to be cozying up to the UAW is for votes...duh.

    I am certain Obama will NOT raise taxes or impose any sweeping regulation on anything. Why? because his advisors won't let him. Obama is not a Carter.
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    repeat after me



    we will not die in WWIII coming in 2010

    ALL IS WELL....right up to moment when we get it up our arse
  4. Speak for yourself buddy!
  5. OK, you ARE hallucinating!

    Are you oblivious to the the massive effort to get the "card check" bill pushed through congress, which will make it much easier for unions to coerce workers into bringing unions to their employers by taking away the right to secret ballot? We are ONE single Senator's vote away from having this enacted into law, and Obama has said he's eager to sign such a bill into law.
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    "Type 1.0: Globalism that includes worldwide wireless Internet access, with all knowledge digitized and available to everyone. A completely global economy with free markets in which anyone can trade with anyone else without interference from states or governments. A planet where all states are democracies in which everyone has the franchise."

    This is a fairy tale. This world is competitive, dog eat dog.
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