Tymora Pro--any users?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by marketsurfer, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. having found the ultimate trading/analysis platform available to the retail user, i am surprised that there is no talk about it on elite. would like to start up a discussion about the software. does anyone here use it and what are your thoughts??


  2. nkhoi


    is that the software promoted incessantly on marketvu

  3. the marketvu show uses the software. that is how i found it.

  4. If their software is a bloated and confused as their website I really do not want to touch this.
    I look like something that was designed 10 years ago, both the website and the screenshots of the program.
  5. what is ultimate about it?

  6. the features are unlike anything i have seen in the retail market.

    am i the only one using this product??

  7. I guess so, and there is probably a reason for that..
    Those unique features what are they? I for one would like to know, maybe they haven´t written this on their site
  8. outstanding program worthy of taking a serious trial and look at it.

    it might be necessary to dedicate an additional monitor to the program, presuming you have a desktop setup with multiple monitors....

    I saw this application being demonstrated at the NY Trader's Expo, sharing space with Market Vu Show....

    there is so much to absorb there, but it seems almost indispensible, and goes in direct competition with First Alert or other stock scanning / screening software....
  9. Ramon1


    limitdown - are you currently using tymorapro now? if so, please share more of your experiences with it.

    People in general just don't seem to have the time or desire to try new programs. But it seems like once this product gets someone's attention it really wows them. It was also just reviewed in the Nov 2005 issue of TASC, and if that article doesn't at least perk a trader's curiousity to try it out then I couldn't imagine what would. Among all the features described in the article, it also has full order execution capabilities. You can actually read the article online - there's a link to it on the homepage of the website at www.yourika.com.