Tykhe Capital ($1.7bln Leveraged L/S Equity Quant Fund): Down 30% in August MTD

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  1. Oh boy, who said backtesting is flawless?

  2. Thyke Capital ? Very impressive "HEDGE"fund...superior, state-of-the-art drawdowns, superior management fees, superior incentive fees ( 3/30 ) :D :D :D

    Just to recall their investment strategy for the Man Dual Absolute Return Fund :
    “US quantitative long/short equity strategy designed to seek positive returns that are minimally correlated with the returns of major global equity and bond market indices.”
  3. Originally slated for September, the Man Dual Hedge Fund IPO which aimed to invest half of its capital into Tykhe ... has been CANCELLED:


    Man Group falls after postponing fund offering

    By Kate Burgess, Investment Correspondent

    Published: August 10 2007 20:16 | Last updated: August 10 2007 20:16

    Shares in Man Group, the largest listed hedge fund group with more than $30bn under management, fell 9 per cent on Friday after it emerged that it had shelved the New York float of a new hedge fund following recent turmoil in markets.

    Man Dual Absolute Return fund was to be floated in September as the first true New York-listed hedge fund. It would have followed a series of hedge fund flotations in Europe over the past year or so.

    A person close to the transaction said: “The reason for postponing the float is recent turbulent market conditions, which include a very uncertain market for closed-end funds.”
  4. Can't blame them. SP500 +1.7% for the week, Tykhe -30% for the week. Perfectly uncorrelated!
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    Classci :D Doh
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    What are these clowns doing 1X levergae and they lose 31%?

    Its called a Douglas Bader straddle = you get hit on both legs.
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    I think you need to explain that for those not familiar with the Battle of Britain.
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    Douglas Bader was a second world war spitfire pilot who had two false legs.
    He flew during the Battle of Britain with his false legs.

    Amazing guy.

    I love the term Bader straddle.
  9. Better grab those guy's passports.

    They'll be heading back to China/Korea for "vacations" soon! :p
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