Tyco's Kozlowski faces time in Max. security state prison (hell hole at Attica?)

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  1. Tough? 15 years for $600M?

    Tell that to one of the "three strikes" victims...this guy stole three children's videos and he'll be eligible for parole at the age of 87. (he's 44 now)

    The full story

    this world ain't right i tell ya...
  2. The only thing that will make these guys prison terms any easier is a big jar of Vaseline.

  3. yep... this country is one big hypocritical immoral mess...

    this a-hole ought to be locked up for 20 years... in the same cell as the Enron crooks!
  4. IGolf


    Going from your own jet to being some dudes bitch is going to be a tough transition.......ewwwww
  5. he should run while he still has the chance because his fate is sealed if he stays in the US
  6. toc


    That's how America blows up its taxpayers money. For 43 years at the cost of 30K per year, it all boils down to 1.29 Million dollars, not including the compounding rate of interest the cost will grow at. What if this man was made to do community service like cleaning roads or picking garbage etc. for no wages for six months..............would have cut down on government spending by a value 100 times that of $153 worth of videos.