TY Trading - Ten Year Notes

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  1. Here's what I am watching for the TY today.

    118'03 - Topside Target if 117'05 does not hold

    117'05 - Looking to set shorts at this level.

    115'28.5 - Current downside target
  2. Pit? How long are you staying with March? What kind of time frame?

    Make 'em pretty, Chris
  3. I trade on Globex only. My levels can change everyday. What I will do is watch if price moves into 117'05. I think shorts first, but will reverse at this key level to long if price settles above. I will then target 118'03. I hold trades as long as it takes or as short as it takes to reach levels. Depending on where price settles during the day and order flow, I may stand aside.

    I'll do my best to post my trades. Just thought it might be a good place to talk about bond/note trading.

    Good luck.
  4. I took a short position at 117'05.5. I will reverse if necessary. Going to give it a little time to build value.
  5. to downrivertrader...great thread...I just sent you a private message...thanks...
  6. Based on your previous reply, I take it this could be longer than an intraday trade? Might I inquire as to your main time frame traded?

    No longer have the march up so can't quite see exactly.

    I had a short from 115-250 (June) took a few and was stoped (trailing) on the rest and missed my reentry.

    I trade 5 min and a 4181 constant volume chart.

    This rollover with such a large price difference really messes with the daily chart for some time.
  7. Hey:
    I was wondering if you guys knew when June becomes the official lead (spot) contract? Is there some resource or web site listing actual dates for these roll overs?
    Thanks in advance
  8. Surdo


    I rolled over today.
    Tommorrow the June volume will lead.
  9. I am still trading the March contract into 118'03. I probably should have adjusted my numbers for the front contract. Little confusing sorry.

    I will update on Monday.
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