TXN Misses EPS and REV, Q2 View WEAK!!!!

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    Selling off a bit after hours but not by much as usual, you would think a miss on the EPS and a weak view of the next quarter would push the stock down at least 5%, but it seems to be holding up quite well of course.

    * April 18, 2011, 4:32 PM ET

    TI Q1 EPS Misses; Q2 EPS View Weak

    By Tiernan Ray

    Texas Instruments (TXN) this afternoon reported Q1 revenue in line with its mid-quarter update but missed analysts’ EPS estimate.

    Revenue for the quarter ended in March was $3.39 billion, yielding EPS of 55 cents.

    The Street had been looking for $3.4 billion in revenue and 58 cents EPS.

    TI’s March 9th update had offered a range of $3.34 billion to $3.48 billion in revenue, and 56 cents to 60 cents in EPS, though that update came just days before the impact of the earthquake in Japan.

    For the current quarter, the company expects revenue of $3.41 billion to $3.69 billion, and EPS of 52 cents to 60 cents. Analysts have been modeling $3.5 billion in revenue and 62 cents EPS.

    The report follows TI’s announcement on April 4th that it will acquire National Semiconductor (NSM) for $6.5 billion.

    TI shares are down 26 cents, or 1%, at $34.53
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  3. Do you own TXN or why do you care?

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    Well, how well TXN is coping is worth mentionning. I have a sell short order at 34.26 and it's getting back close to it
  5. Does the OP have anything better to do? He's almost as bad as bearice
  6. QE3?
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    Check it out. Semi stocks are coming back strong today. Check out ADI. Will hit $40 soon. TXN will also be over $35 in a matter of days. Safe bet is SMH. IBM, INTC, and LLTC will report today.
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    News were also good this morning for TXN , I covered at 34.22 after the open as it looked pretty strong.
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    I believe the rule in today's market could be " Don't be fooled to buy high and don't be fooled to short low"
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    Another goog prediction. I am out of posting for a while. I have realized that the number of posts is inversely related to your profit in the market. So I am back into hiding for a while in order to keep making money:D
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