TXN earnings right now!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by S2007S, Jul 23, 2007.

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    TXN earnings will be moving semis.
  2. S2007S


    .42 vs .42

    missed on Revenue...

  3. Market will not be happy pappy. Seems the future looks a little less rosy this earnings season. I have been buying small bits of SPY August Puts all day...I think the market is due to retest low 1500 soon...this earnings season would have pushed the spooz higher already if it were going to I'd think.
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    - Texas Instruments Inc., the largest supplier of chips used in mobile phones, said Monday its second-quarter profit plunged almost 75 percent from the same period last year, when results were boosted by the sale of a sensor business.

    75%%%% DROP. Stock off 2.5%...

  5. Dude you no the market will brush it off and the futures will be slightly higher overnight. Futures should start their little float up around 2:00am est.

    The only way to get this market up everyday is to jam the futures overnight, then gap the cash markets, same ole tricks, I'm sure everyone is catching on by now.
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    on that note I will be taking advantage of the minor DIP in QLD under 104 tomorrow. I think Ill be able to pick some up under 103.75 and sell them by mid day for 104.50++
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    they will sell it off a bit. had a run up and barely guided in line/ no thanks. they will hit ATHR as well.