TXN @ 23.70? You gotta be kidding !!!

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  1. Sometimes I feel traders are so hooked with a handful of stocks that don't see some quality stocks that are very undervalued. One of them is TXN.
    TXN will come up with its monster results on July 19. They have already confirmed the great results in their mid Q outlook. This should go to $27 easily after the results. Time to load.
    The sales will be TXN record sales in their history. It is not my wish. It is the companies prediction.
  2. It seems that TXN is preparing for a run-up to over $25 very soon. It might go to $26 before earnings and on option expiry Friday next Friday. Remember earning announcemnet is on Monday July 19 and option expiry is next Friday. Good trades are:
    1- Buy the stock
    2- Buy Call 25 Call for July.
  3. Yes, it is happening. 20% chance it will hit 26 by this Friday. 100% it will hit $25.
  4. S2007S


    INTC earnings report after the close tomorrow, could easily move TXN 5% or more.
  5. 100% agreed.
  6. Eye don't agrea!
  7. TI chip will be in Motorolla Driod X cellphone.
  8. TXN will close at $25 on Friday.
    Now it is at $25.17
  9. Trade ideas:

    1- Sell both Call and Put for TXN 25 July

    2- Sell TXN and buy ADI. TXN will close at $25 and ADI will close at $30 on Friday.
  10. Time to temporarily unload TXN. Will buy back at 24.70 in a quick dip before Friday or on Monday before earnings.
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