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    Twitter posts a profit for the first time
    Twitter posted a surprise gain in revenue, the first growth in four quarters, driven by improvements to its app and added video content that are persuading advertisers to boost spending on the social network. The company topped analysts' average sales estimates in the fourth quarter and for the first time posted a real profit, a milestone in CEO Jack Dorsey's turnaround effort. Monthly active users were little changed from the prior quarter at 330 million.(Ad Age)
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    Soes isn't nuts...
    ......he's just misunderstood.
    I like Soes. :D
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    Twitter's analysis paralysis imperils a nascent turnaround
    Two years after returning as Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey has pulled the company back from the brink, persuading people to spend more time on the micro-blogging site and attracting more advertising. Investors ratified his efforts when Twitter posted a surprise surge in revenue growth and a first-ever profit. Now the question is whether Dorsey can build on the momentum and turn his company into a true rival to Facebook.(Ad Age)
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  5. Tencent might make this a moot point. TWTR + SNAP would be a pretty good jumping off point to present meaningful competition to FB.
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    White nationalist files suit against Twitter
    A prominent white nationalist sued Twitter Inc. for kicking him off the social network, the latest in a spate of legal attacks by members of the far-right claiming tech companies discriminate against their viewpoints and challenging the idea that they operate neutral platforms. The suit by Jared Taylor, filed in state Superior Court in San Francisco, argues that Twitter violated California law protecting free speech in public spaces when it banned him in December.(Wall Street Journal)
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    Twitter suspends 1.2M accounts
    Twitter took down more than 1.2 million accounts for tweeting terrorism-related content between 2015-2017, the company announced in its biannual transparency reportThursday. The announcement is part of Twitter’s broader effort to be more transparent about bad actors on its platform. Twitter has endured a steady clip of criticism for allowing trolls, bots, terrorists, and sexual harassers to spread toxic content on the site.(GeekWire)
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    Twitter Passwords

    Twitter has advised all its 336 million users to change their passwords, after it admitted accidentally storing them in plain text before putting them through the usual encryption process that companies use to protect their users' passwords. Twitter says there's no evidence of any breach or misuse, but it did consider the gaffe serious enough to warrant a regulatory disclosure, rather than leaving it at a contrite blog post. Appropriately, this all came out on "World Password Day." Fortune
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