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  1. Fake accounts? New York Times ?

    Really, where were they 5 , 8 , years ago when I was talking about it
  2. I picked up some June calls on this one on Friday...not sure what it is, but this one feels like one hell of a bull. Hopefully it's a buyout with Dorsey going to SQ full time--I'd make a killing on that move.

    Check the time stamp. Fox Business was reporting this at 3:35:50 (assuming their countdown to close is correct).

    @Baron, you got seconds on these time stamps? :D

    Edit: Well, looks like this one dates to 2:54.
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  4. anyone know how to prevent getting locked in the first 30 seconds of a throw away twitter account ?

    their bots are ruthless.
  5. jharmon


    Simple: Stop being a troll
  6. This is the jist of every one of your threads. You patting yourself on the back over something you never did. You're very odd.
  7. This thread actually preceded the move.

    Can we go twice in one thread? I just bought some NYT.
  8. Huh? What are you talking about
  9. He posts a lot of threads about the moves after they move. This one was posted at 2:25 yesterday, the move didn't start until 2:54
  10. That's not what i'm talking about. I'm talking about his psychotic rambling.
    This has nothing to do with a move in TWTR. It's him talking about fake accounts and something he said 5-8 years ago before his mental health apparently nosedived or something.
    The guy is nuts.
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