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    Nice work, TWTR Brass... way to alienate 74,000,000 American voters overnight!

    Unsurprisingly, lots of whispers of moving to a new platform that can't be censored so easily.

    Twitter's censorship of the President of the USA was an egregious offense--a real slap in the face. Twitter was a pillar of Trump's campaign, enabling him to bypass the bias of the mainstream media, and deliver a message from his desk to mine.

    Twitter suspending of his account is a terrible insult to the office, a betrayal of trust, and an affront to Free Speech and the First Amendment itself.

    With Twitter gone, we've moved into a kind of Totalitarianism, where we have an endless stream of Left-sided rhetoric, where the "other side of the story," the opposing view, has been gagged.

    It is sickening.
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    We know you won't leave Twitter. More importantly, we know corporations globally won't leave Twitter.
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  3. kmiklas


    True... I didn't leave MySpace or Friendster either... I just don't have any confidence therein. The next generation of Social Media is upon us: one of decentralized content owned by the publisher.

    No surprise they triggered the uptick rule today.
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  4. Overnight


    Sorry, Twitter is a private concern, and the first amendment does not apply to the content on it's platform.

    Signing up for and using Twitter is a privilege, not a right, which can be revoked at any time. Everyone agrees to this, because you sign an EULA and agree to those terms when you click "I Agree."
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    Twitter doesn’t have an obligation to the president. Nor does it control his first amendment rights.

    The president has the ultimate platform. He has a room full of reporters he chooses where he can hold a press conference anytime he wants to.

    odd you would use totalitarianism when the the reason they banned him was for inciting a krystalnacht style riot to obstruct an election process dictated by our constitution.

    btw - remember that post when you said trump knocked it out of the park early in the COVID days? How’d that go?
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    Finally, its a dark day when the President of the United States is shut out of most private platforms because he advocates against the United States.
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  7. kmiklas


    Put the shoe on the other foot: what if Obama was banned? Hillary? BLM? #metoo? Ghandi? Jesus? <insert your favorite voice here>?

    What would you think, and how would you feel, if that voice mportant to you was gagged and silenced?

    It cannot be dismissed with a wave of the hand, citing their "rights as a corporation." Twitter was a centerpiece of Trump's entire administration... they really pulled the rug out from under him.

    Who will Twitter gag next? Biden? Harris? Fauci?
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    You guys would make good lobbyists for the far left and big tech.
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  10. Even the commie Frau Merkel told them what a dumb-fuck move it was...
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