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  1. I just found a new third party tool called TWSLink, which is similar to the function of discontinued dynaorder. Anyone has experience with this new tool? I am going to play with it and report my results soon.
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  3. From which platform are you calling this DLL ?
  4. I will start with eSignal.

  5. Let us know how it goes. I'm also very interested in understanding the improvements in ESignal 8 with the new EFS2 scripting language.
  6. What do you want to know about EFS2? I have quite some experience on how to lower its CPU load.

  7. Just the basics.....namely how is EFS2 "better" than the original EFS ? Easier programming, more powerful constructs, more functionality, etc.
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    I know he plans to provide a more comprehensive usage example using Excel. However, I'm just as interested in whether someone gets an example working using VB.NET or C#.
  9. The most useful feature of ESF2 I think is being able to access the quote sequence of multiple symbols and multiple time frame while automatically aligning them perfectly. This feature allows multiple symbol and multiple time frame analysis become much easier to code than using the original EFS.

    I also like those new location flags in drawText() and drawShape(), which allows me draw text at fixed distance from a bas's high/low.

    The feature of being able to create indicators or indicators might also be very useful for some users.

    I never tried the EFS formula wizard, so I have no idea whether it is helpful or not.

    As a summary, I think EFS2 is "better" than the original EFS. Hope this answers your question.

  10. Hi Clearpick,

    I downloaded TWSLink and can not get the efs sample to work. You said you got it to work?

    If so can you post a working efs?


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