TWSLink - universal plugin to trade an InteractiveBrokers account

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    What is it good for?
  2. it is thought to trade IB from

    or what ever can use DLL or COM.
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    Does TWS have to be running for TWSLink to work?
  4. yes.
    TWSLink -> TWS -> IB -> Destionation

    since TWS runs on the same machine there is no nameable
    lag of time.

    TWSLink uses prop. API
    TWS uses FIX or something simliar
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    Why does one need TWSLink to trade an IB account if TWS is already running?
  6. Because a lot of people like to use other platforms instead of TWS. A lot of people use automated/semiautomated strategies and just feed it to TWS to trade.
  7. if TWS has all features you need for your trading,
    there is no reason to use TWSLink (of course)

    but assume, you like using Excel, TradeStation, AmiBroker,eSignal
    or any other favor application or script or programming language. can you place trades from those platforms to InteractiveBrokers,
    or getting account information or market data ?
    normally not.

    TWSLink links your favor application with an IB account
    and this without to much coding efforts thus keeps
    your strategy code transparent.

    if you decide to change your favor chart or autotrade
    application, you can still use TWSLink to place your orders
    with nearly no change of your code (except syntax of new env.),
    as long your new application can use DLL or COM.

    TWSlink implements all features of API 9.3 and much more.
    not just placing simple LMT or MKT order.

    if you have a trade robot on one side and an IB account on the
    other side and no bridge between (with all features you need), then
    TWSLink is a solution
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    What do you mean by "if you have a trade robot on one side"? If one has a trade robot then he has already a program that sends trades to IB, hasn't he?
  9. a very good question.

    ok, well, depends on defintion. replace trade-robot by signal server, this may answers your question ?
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