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    So could I somehow set it up so that I could use TradeStation's platform (or another level 2 platform) to execute orders through my IB account? That would be kewl.
  2. of course...
    do you guys really look at the website ??
    it is well documented, many samples in the package among others one for tradestation
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    I saw TradeStation 2000i on the page, but not the TradeStation trading platform. I don't see TradeStation in any of the examples.
  4. a trade station sample files is contained in the package (.els). just import strategy and define your symbol.

    however, for you, the samples page got updated.
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    Is there a way to use TradeCommander with Amibroker?
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    I am currently using EXCEL --> TEXT FILE --> Ninja Trader (Trial Version) --> IBTWS to implement a strategy. I have been testing this for about three weeks (using IQFEED rather than TWS to simulate trades) and it seems to work fine. I have been monitoring the Trade-Commander web page because, while Ninja Trader has good order management features that are not available in TWSLINK, there are no features of Ninja Trader that I use that could not be effectively replaced by your coding. Also, (1) there are some order types and some position information that you support that Ninja Trader does not; (2) there is a monthly fee with Ninja Trader; and (3) there are licensing restrictions with Ninja Trader that, I think, would make it necessary to configure my computers in a less than preferred way to avoid purchasing multiple copies.

    I am not good at VBA but I think it would be reasonably easy for me to substitute your code in the places where I send files to Ninja Trader and use your position and order information functions instead of Ninja Trader's. Your documentation appears to be excellent.

    I have not moved on this because I did not want to do the work if your program is going to disappear in a month or so or if it is not updated for new TWS API's. Ninja Trader's licensing agreement, by the way, specifically suggests that they may discontinue any particular feature but I have the feeling they have enough business activity that they are likely to be around for awhile.

    Can you describe the status of the TWSLINK project and your plans with it so that I, and perhaps others, might get a sense of how to proceed.

    Thank you,

  7. hello mss,
    the current version ( has production status. if there should be bugs, they get fixed and the build number updated.

    the next feature planed for twslink
    is database support to store orders
    and account states. so those familiar
    with sql will be able to make researches
    on the data.
    later we may offer some kind of statistic tool and account monitor tool.

    one of the next versions should support multiple tws connections. this will be commercial only.

    the lifetime of the twslink project depends on the (monetary) success we have. it is possible that later versions have to be purchased. but i don't think this will be done by monthly fee rather than a single payment.

    10000 words to order management.
    i am not sure what you mean, but currently there is no order property based on API 9.0 that is not supported by TWSLink.
    you can attach orders, place FA orders as well cancel,modify multiple orders by one step.
    you do not have to care about connection status. connection is done automatically, orders and cancel requests queued in case of broken connection, same for all other requests (account data, market data, etc.).
    so you can use orders in the manner of "fire and forget".
    on failure, an extensible log makes it possible to find whats going on.

    twslink has no user interface. so you can't really compare it to ninja trader.
    however, you should be able to implement your own interface and order input masks. but behind these masksthere is no more work to do than to code:


    and thats all.
    no tricky use of the native IB API, no plausibility check, no connection checks, no other checks etc. are necessary. all this is done by twslink.
    TWSLink is like an abstract layer above the IB API and a subset of IB API functionset.

    guaranteed future:
    it is not a problem e.g. to shift a strategy written for excel to eSignal or TradeStation or to any other application that supports DLL function call or COM because function calls and principal using remain the same.
    additionally it depends only from IBs API. as you know, running various API versions with various TWS versions is no problem. same for TWSLink. further API versions should not make older TWSLink versions incompatible as far IB does not change an request explicitly.

    the purpose of twslink is to provide the most important api features, fast and reliable service and accessibility from most application.
    in summary: twslink is for saving your time to be able to concentrate on the core of your work: the strategy.

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    Thanks very much for your detailed reply.

    When I said "order management," I meant that you can define a strategy in terms of targets and stops and arrange for Ninja Trader to automatically implement the strategy for a given position without any coding.
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