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  1. it would be great if you can also supply a script that allows your tool to process "auto trading" signals from
  2. Does it support multiple instances of TWS (multiple accounts)?
  3. -
    i put a look there and couldn't found any
    outgoing gear except the "Instant Trade Messanger"

    may in later versions i'll offer a file interface where orders can be placed like:


    - multiple instances
    this is planed, but i think this will be commercial version only.
    i will make a post here, once such a version is available.
  4. I didn't mean the Instant Trade Messenger (which is just a pop up window). Collective2 offers an API interface where an application on a remote (trader) PC can pull the signals directly from their server. This is currently handled by an application called TradeBullet. If you contact C2 by e-mail they can give you access to the pull protocol (I believe it's based on xml) and explain the process.

  5. Hello NoWorries,
    pulling trade signals by email from a server is - from TWSLink point of view - a different task.

    TWSLink bases on direct DLL/COM Function Call. To use TWSLink you would need a wrapping application/script which pulls the signal from C2 server, extracts order spec from xml-string and then calls the appropiate TWSLink Function.
    this may could simply be done by a perl script. from perl to TWS via TWSLink, no Problem.

    i don't want to offer an extra interface for specific Applications because this would corrupt the concept of TWSLink.
  6. Why was XML used ? It's so cumbersome compared to a file-format/comma-delimited approach.
  7. For any job of any complexity, XML is vastly superior. It is also a widely used standard. With a decent API such as JDOM for Java it is easy to use.