TWS851 problem: TWS re-ordering/deleting datalines

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by d9d, Sep 20, 2005.

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    Last friday, I had to download 851 due to IB cutting off server support for prior versions. I think I was using 8.46 or 8.3x before. Whatever it was, it was damn stable, and did all I needed it to do.

    I did a fresh seperate install of 8.51, and it appeared to go fine.

    However, IB included no instructions that I could find on transferring my configuration and page setups to the newer version.

    I deleted the 'demo' page that initially came up in 851, but the only way I could figure out to bring up MY positions was to create a page titled "portfolio". Which I did, and it did automatically load all my positions from the IB server.

    However, they come up in some random order which is NOT, of course, how -I- want the data-lines laid out.

    So I spend 15 minutes moving data-lines around, and adding the NON-position items that I keep in TWS for reference; like QM for example, to keep track of crude-oil during the day.

    And here's the BIG problem. Shut down and restart of TWS, and the midnight server-shutdown/restart at IB, causes all the data-lines to be reordered and crunched into to a single dense mass again!

    Plus, it auto-deletes all the informational zero-position data-lines that I painfully entered.

    How can these two things be disabled?

    I can see that a page titled 'portfolio' might not retain zero-position datalines, but when I created a page with a different title, I could not figure out how to get it to load my positions from the IB server.

    And even so, the darn thing shouldn't be re-ordering my datalines in "portfolio" every time it restarts.

    This is wasting a half-hour each morning now. Worse, I have emailed tac@ib every day since Friday asking for help on this, and have had not even the courtesy of a reply, let alone an answer.

    I'd be very grateful for a clear answer on how to solve this problem.

    thanks! :)
  2. D9d,

    If you login to your account management page on the IB website, and read the tips about reporting problems and starting trouble tickets, you will find that IB states that if you email your problem, you will get low priority. IB recommends instead that you create a trouble ticket. Perhaps this will get you a speedier reponse. The documentation says you should always get a response within one day. If you don't, then followup with email, or chat, or phone contact. They advise that you not rely on email, if your problem is time-sensitive.
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    thanks for that info Jim.

    That's really too bad....forcing the use of that particularly slow and cumbersome website instead of email.

    For those of us trading from remote sites, i.e. on rural modems, that website is downright -painful- to use.

    thanks again for the info....hope someone knows how to solve the problem noted in my post. :cool: