TWS weird Java 1.6.1 issue

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by RedDuke, Apr 13, 2007.

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    I use NinjaTrader to place orders via TWS API. I have recently upgraded to java version to 1.6.1, and it caused a strange behavior. After Ninja establishes the connection to TWS, any window that I select get unselected within 1 second and the control goes back to TWS window even if it minimized, so it obviously prevented me from trading on Ninja DOM or using anything other. The moment I reversed back to 1.5.11, everything went back to normal. Lesson learned, I guess no Java 1.6 upgrade in the future for me.

    Just wanted to share and warn others from upgrading.

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    Thanks for bringing this up.

    - latest NT5 release does neither support Java 6 nor Java 6.1. Next NT5 release will support both.
    - latest NT6 (available as beta right now) already does support Java 6 and Java 6.1

  3. Be aware that if you go to a java 6 app then TWS is still not tested for running 1.6. I run zeroline trader on 1.6 and tws on 1.5.0_11

    Instead continue to run TWS on 1.5

    I use this command line for TWS

    Run, C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jre1.5.0_11\\bin\\javaw.exe -cp jts.jar;pluginsupport.jar;jcommon-1.0.0.jar;jfreechart-1.0.0.jar;jhall.jar;other.jar;rss.jar -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true -Xmx256M jclient/LoginFrame C:\\Jts ,C:\\JTS

    Ignore the autohotkey elements ... the key is to call the javaw.exe from the jre1.5.0_xx directory.
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    I am running java 6 with latest TWS on 2 machines at different locations with no problems. Important to disable java update checker as the damn thing phones home all the time !