TWS vs QT YM High For 11.27

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rcj, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. rcj


    My QT charts are showing high of 12980 for YM but TWS is showing 12984.

    Anyone else showing this discrepancy?
  2. is IB your data feed? mine is fine... qt with IB feed....
  3. rcj


    Yes, QT + IB. Overall this combo works great for me for over two yrs. Very seldom do i have any problem with either one.

    I was just curious if anyone saw the difference at that time.


  4. occasionally, I notice a slight hiccup... i.e. charts won't backfill or the daily spikes... I normally just punt and that resolves the issue... (shut down and re-boot) My largest conflict with QT and IB, I believe is associated with Vista... Daily My desktop graphics become unstable... requiring an alt/control/delete restart... Jerry sent me a MS hotpatch... hopefully this resolves the issue. I also updated to current version QT...

    Good luck with your bug... hope only an isolated case...
  5. rcj



    Thnx for the comments.

    i take note of the Vista situation. using XP here and i dont want to chnge till a Vista service pac is out.

    ... And, i always use the latest QT and TWS.

    Jerry Medved contacted me within a few min of the thread start
    to remind me to clear data and reload. QT team always takes care of us. A lot of expertise and pride goes into QT.

    Quote Tracker = Very High quality software AND service. For two yrs ive had very few issues(mabe 1 or 2). Jerry is TOP LEVEL.