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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by donnap, Aug 14, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    I'm out in a rural area soon and right now dial up is my only option.

    Is this feasible for TWS with a few intraday charts? I used dial up with TWS years ago and it seemed fine.

    I daytrade, but usually, I'm not a scalper.
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    Fortunately I don't get stuck with dial up much any more. But it's certainly feasible, I've done it many many times.
    Not sure how much it will help but when on dial up I limit the number of symbols and charts to the minimum I can live with.
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    Thanks for the responses.

    They tried satellite and I used it then, but there seemed to be more delay with that than dial up:confused: No one liked the satellite.

    But it's more reliable than the microwave internet. They have it here and it's good when it works. Recently, they lost a tower location so for now the valley no longer has the service.

    Good idea to keep symbols and charts to a minimum. Haven't used dial up since 2003. Yikes. Goodbye youtube.:p
  4. Dial-up is my backup when my broadband goes down. I can run IB for data, Quotetracker for charts and my broker's client-side platform quite well on 56k... less than .5 seconds behind broadband. If I opened more charts or browsers, it would slow down. Of course I don't get the frequency of data updates I would with broadband, maybe every .5 seconds instead of constant, but it's doable in a pinch.

    Not all local phone companies offer 56k, regardless of your modem's capable speed. Run speed tests.
  5. I use dial-up with TWS out here in the sticks about 1.7 miles from telco's central office.

    The fills are nearly instant on futures. Practically zero slip on normal market days with 9 symbols running.

    I get a connect speed of about 52K and actual throughput of 44K.

    My brother lives a half mile down the road and gets a connect speed of about 24K as does everyone much further from the telco.

    I've been worried about lightning knocking out my PC as it has before, so I recently bought a Zoom external modem with "superior lightning protection!" Worthless. It disconnects at between 1.5 and 4.5 hours in V92 and V90 mode so anyway, yesterday and today I dropped it down to V34 and some of the fills appear to be a bit slower but it should be faster than the delay with satellite net.

    I've heard of satellite complaints including weather related fade outs and the delay.

    We finally have the option of wireless here, but there have been complaints of fade outs and I'm concerned about security.

    So dial up it is, unless I commute or move. No way.
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    Thanks again, everyone. Very helpful.:)