TWS upgrade prob

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by vanilla2, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. The last two TWS upgrades (this afternoon included) have wiped out my personal settings. Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. nitro


    I just upgraded ten minutes ago to 799.5. All looks good.

  3. No problems here either.
  4. You could look on the interactive brokers forum. Its problem that seems to comes up with new releases from time to time.

    Hopefully you made a backup copy of your C:/jts folder so you can at least go back.

    I had a problem not getting my hotkeys recognized. As a guess, I created a new page for ES with the same info as the old and I deleted the old page. Suddenly everything worked ok.

    Which personalizations are not being recognized? Try creating a new page for the issue you are trading and delete the old. That seemed to be at the center of my problems and I was told this problem (with the pages) crops up at times.
  5. Same here. Has happened more than once upon updating...
  6. Running 799.5 here ; settings OK

    Always keep a current last-known good copy of C:\IBJts stashed away somewhere because as mentioned before, sometimes an upgrade wipes out the display settings.
  7. Yep! The last one (07/17) wiped out my setting on a win 2K box, left them untouched on 1 XP box, nuked them on another. Go figure...

    If anything, it shows you how well that stuff is tested before being put out to users :-(

    I used to be able to port all my settings from one box to another by just copying over the dyhcyghcb (whatever the funky name!) directory; but this doesn't seem to work any more.