TWS unstable since Thurs 6/19

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  1. Anyone else having problems? I know they issued a new version in the last couple days, but even when I go back to the previous one (Build 884) there are still issues ...

    - TWS will not launch unless Java cache is cleared ... EVERY time
    - TWS crashes frequently, most recently from simply checking version
    - when it does re-launch, it does not pull up the most recently saved config.

    Fixes tried, per tech support:

    - removing Java and re-installing
    - downloading Java webstart (made it MUCH worse ... TWS will not even launch completely before it crashes)

    Ideas? ... similar stories?

  2. Bob111


    sure...browser version is ridiculously slow. takes about 5 min to login on decent dual core machine. every click or change cause huge spike in CPU with lags pretty much everywhere.
    after i tried browser version of TWS my settings files for standalone version became corrupted. bunch of features just disappear, no Realized PnL column anymore in account window for example.
    Settings from browser and standalone use to be in different folders..not anymore..
    as i said before-all your updates,new features,bells and whistles doesn't make sense, if basic features are still not working. i've been with IB for almost a decade and i still having problems with TWS settings from first f** day. the problem still not solved!
    tickers,pages still dissapear from time to time..
    do yourself a favor-go get oldest possible stand alone, if you want decent TWS. i'm using 879 now. PM me, if you need a copy
  3. Thanks. With the browser-based I was fine until yesterday ... NEVER crashed before, now all of a sudden it's just completely unstable and unreliable. I was just wondering whether you (or anyone) had any NEW issues in the last couple of days.

    Anyway, I'm on a chat with TS once again right now, so we'll see if they have any new bright ideas. Thanks for the tip and the offer for 879 ... I'll definitely keep that in mind. First I may just try the earliest stand-alone version available from the site.

    I will post any breakthroughs.
  4. Bob111


    the earliest possible from website is one before current. they not store them. don't ask me why it's so hard for IB.that's why anyone,who may need an older copy have to periodically check their website and store both current and previous. same for API

    most likely it will be-update your java,fresh install java or TWS or both. :)
  5. vikana

    vikana Moderator

    not sure if this helps you, but in my experience TWS runs a lot better on Java 1.5, as opposed to the newer 1.6
  6. Thanks. What version of TWS are you running? - thanks.
  7. I'm having the same trouble. I upgraded to v884.6 last week and have experienced lockups and really slow responses ever since. Today was too much. They are recommended to downgrade to 882 with Java 1.5 rev15 until they determine the cause. I was worried about upgrading to the "new and improved" version when they changed the interface. Looks like they destabilized it further in the process.

  8. And I thought my older computer was at fault !

    I confirm that Java 1.6 has caused problems on my machine as well. It's a POS. A lot of Java apps are getting extremely slow I don't know why with 1.6 or previous versions I reverted to .
    Regarding IB developers I concur, they are idiots who don't have their priorities straight.
  9. Ok ... good to know. Thanks.
  10. vikana

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    Live on 882, and testing on 884. 882 is rock solid, 884 ran fine today (on Java 1.5)
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