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  1. Eldredge


    I haven't traded for a few years, and I just funded my new IB account. I'm wondering if I should use the Standalone or Browser Based version. I used the Standalone version in the past because it was supposed to be better at that time, but I notice that IB now recommends the Browser Based version.

    I guess I am just struggling with the change - concerned about security and stability. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. If you click on the recommended link on the web site, behind the scenes it downloads and caches and runs the same Java program that is the standalone version. There is no difference except a different way of launching it. Running it via the link on the web site ensures that you always have the current version.

    (There is also a basic browser-based interface that is less capable).
  3. Eldredge


    Thanks for the reply. I know I used to wait a little while before I downloaded the newest version to see if it had too many bugs. Maybe I will just stay with the Standalone...
  4. sprstpd


    I used the Standalone and don't update until they force me to.
  5. Bob111


    #1..and that's a BIG difference,cause you never know what to expect from it.
    #2-how you roll back,if something is seriously f** up?
    #3-what about running multiple instances of TWS either for same account of different accounts?
    my vote for standalone
  6. rwk


    It's really important to me that my software have a consistent look and feel. You lose that if you use the browser-based version. I am glad that some people use the browser version, because that's how the software gets tested and the bugs found.

    Note that the browser version requires Java, and Java has been under attack lately by virus writers. You're better off disabling Java in you browser.
  7. Eldredge


    Thanks for the advice everyone. It looks like we all have the same basic opinion. Looks like I'll stick with the standalone.
  8. Eldredge


    Okay, I guess it didn't take long for me to come up with another question.

    Is it possible to use the "old style" TWS not the Mosaic? I just want the old quote monitor and some simple charts. I like to use hot keys to enter the orders directly on the quote monitor page. I have been able to get a quote monitor page set up in the Mosaic, but I have no use for the Mosaic window at this time (maybe someone can enlighten me, but I just want a quick order entry with good fast quotes).

    Also, I can't tell if the quote monitor will automatically add position windows etc like it used to (no positions yet).

    All of the tutorials at IB show what I want - the Quote Monitor window, but when I log in I get the Mosaic. Maybe I just need to get familiar with it. Any suggestions or input would be appreciated.
  9. Bob111


    possible,but it's ain't easy to get there,cause geniuses at IB made it really hard and all those settings are buried somewhere.some time ago i shared my story with mosaic,when my internet went out and i have to go to cafe with a laptop,install TWS and use it from scratch to close about 50 positions. get to my old basic quote page took me about 30 minutes. and i'm pretty damn good with computers and programs and IB user for 10+ years. that's how bad this thing is.

    anyway-i don't remember where the "switch" to quote window is but if you delete your account settings directory(usually located at C:\Jts\ddfdgdhgfh). just delete that strange named folder that typically starts from d and typically 8 letters long. then-when you login for first time into that account-there is will be a window, right after user\password where you will have an option to choose either mosaic OR good old fairly simple quote setup. this would be a simplest way to get there.

    if you afraid-practice on demo account(user :edemo, password-demouser)
  10. JackR


    This is very, very rarely true. More often than not the "browser-based" program is one version ahead of the standalone. In instances where the basic version number is the same, the revision level is often different. If you use the "browser-based" program it checks with the IB server whenever you open it. If IB has made a change the new version is downloaded and then runs. Both versions are Java applications and run under a copy of Java installed on your machine. You can see the version and revision level by going to "Help" on your TWS and then to "About Trader Workstation". Then scroll down a bit in the window that opens.

    The advantage to using the standalone version is that, because you elect when to make the change, you can be prepared to experience all the nifty new features and changes that Bob111 raves about from time-to-time. If you run the Browser version you get surprised. And that can cost you money.

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