TWS Stand Alone or Browser Based?

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  1. I'm about to install IB's TWS software and am wondering which version to go with: stand alone or browser based.

    BTW, my computer is a little underpowered & I would like to run the Bracket Trader VB app that works with IB. I don't know if these should influence my decision on which version to go with.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. stand alone, no question about it. Web based is for people who trade from the computer at the office when they are supposed to be working.
  3. I second that.
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    me too
  5. standalone version without a doubt!!!!!!.
  6. standalone.



    Does that count as three votes?
  7. Thanks a lot guys. :)
  8. In fact, you have no choice but the stand alone version, thanks to IB's API requirement of the stand alone version to be running on the side, or your VB appl won't work.

    Is the web version for people from office? The truth is "Not a chance", not because their boss won't let them, it's the Java applet the runs off IB's web site use port 4000 and RPC protocol other than HTTP on port 80 to connect to IB's host, and of course your office has firewall, so you will find it impossible to trade at your office 'while working'.

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    The only advantage of the browser version is that the settings will be the same at home or at the office. If a firewall is a problem then use loophole ( ).
  10. Thanks again.
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