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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by GeorgeSoros, Jun 6, 2001.

  1. Hello,

    I like InteractiveBrokers but the problem I have with TWS
    are :

    - lack of trailing stop feature : I would like a stop that
    follows the bid/ask (we can choose a default on bid or
    default on ask in the general settings where we actually
    choose the default sizes). In those settings we would say
    we want to follow with -0.1, -0.23 (a default setting
    that we could change)

    - lack of Level 2 : why not increase the market depth
    functionnality ??????

    - possibility of choosing the default sizes PER PAGE or
    for all pages...So far we can only for all pages...

    Def, if you read that, I would clearly appreciate that
    you discuss that with the Dev. Trailing stop is easy
    to developp I think...

  2. Yes trailing stops would be great.
  3. def

    def Sponsor

    georgesoros, if I am not mistaken you are an aquaintence of our chairman, why not call him directly :)?

    i'll pass the suggestion on trailing stops again.

    level II, is different than market depth. i don't think it is high on the priority list.

    default size per page: I like it. I heard something like this was going to be implemented way back (pre-java). Not sure why it was not implemented. I'll re-request.

  4. Should I call Thomas for the trailing stop you think? Or
    maybe we will discuss that next time we play golf ;-)

    I really don't think it is difficult to implement a
    trailing stop feature in Java on TWS. But it is a
    MUST HAVE feature for daytraders! We are all screaming
    for that. So DEF be our knight!

    For Level2, I get it from a different feed but would be
    good ...

    Can you give us the future features list with priorities ?

  5. def

    def Sponsor

    I'll push for the trailing stops.
    As for level II there might be something in the traders toolbox shortly.
  6. dlincke


    The most annoying problem with JTS is that the currently active order line or market data line loses focus whenever another order line located above it is cleared from the page after execution or cancellation. Especially when scalping this is a major pain because inevitably in the middle of modifying orders your orders keep losing focus resulting in delays and frequently missed executions. Focus should be tied to the particular order or market data line selected not an absolute position on the page.

    Def could you please pass this along to the programmers. This really shouldn't take much effort at all to fix.
  7. BigEd


    Let me also put in a vote for trailing stops. It is the primary reason I trade more with your competitor than with you (but I still have 2 accounts w/ IB).

    Thanks in Advance. :)
  8. mjt


    Are you teasing us on the level 2? If I could place entries through a level 2 box, I don't think I'd need to find a different broker. It is just very difficult to look at level 2 on one piece of software and trade on another. I miss quite a few trades that way.
  9. def

    def Sponsor

    i don't think order entry via level II is in the cards. I think just the ability to view it. Give me a day or two to look into it.

    BigEd, noted.
  10. Markiss


    def, has IB ever thought about integrated order entry in a few of the available software packages Nextrend, Esignal, Qcharts etc.
    #10     Jun 7, 2001