TWS software update -- all fonts too big now. Anyone else?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by d0rian, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. d0rian


    My TWS ("LATEST") just auto-updated to ver 979.3e
    And all of my fonts are now really seems like this latest update over-rode all of my previous font settings? And I tried using the File...Settings Recovery... menu to restore the settings from yesterday...but my fonts remain the same size (huge).

    Anyone else get updated to 979.3e today and are you seeing the same large font thing?
  2. Was this from first thing this morning or later in day? I had no issues when opened my latest at 8am est

    But I'm not sure if I got update or not
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  3. d0rian


    Happened some time in the afternoon b/c all was fine this a.m. (as you noticed); closed software ~5pm EST; re-opened an hour later, saw there was a download/update and when it finally opened fonts were huge. Someone who got updated to 979.3e perhaps can confirm...?
  4. Well shit I hope they noticed and cancel any un sent updates. I'd hate to have issues first thing in morning tomorrow
  5. Seaweed


    Just logged in myself, it did the auto update to exactly 979.3e, and I'm happy to report all fonts look the same.
  6. guru


    Try changing your font size by clicking on the Font Size button.
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  7. just loaded the update and my whole layout is fucked up
    what the hell IB. my chart windows are all big and all over the place

    And yes...I have larger fonts. Update just totally blew out a bunch of settings it seems.

    Also on all my charts the vertical scroll bars are all fat and stretched...there are a whole bunch of screwed up scaling things going on that are throwing off things

    And this new fundamentals explorer is a fucking joke.

    I giant cartoony mess looks like it was designed by kids for kids. All these giant buttons and tabs and shit.

    I used to have a fundamentals explorer window in a corner where I could do some quick at a glance analysis now this thing is a cartoony messs that I cant see any information on quickly. They also are removing stuff...I can no longer see the Float information in the Fundamentals explorer
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  8. If it helps you feel any better, my tws crashes upon auto restart due to a logger not being open.
  9. The performance has turned to shit too...things are sluggish...have micro freezes all over the place as I right click on charts and open menus.

    Just another wonderful update from IB that makes the performance of things worse.

    I wonder if there is a way to go get the Offline of an older version?
    I doubt it.

    NOPE...IB is stupid and wont let you just go back one can install a totally ancient version of TWS OFFLINE...but you cant simply go back one version. I dont understand the logic at all
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  10. d0rian


    Yeah, update on my second, slightly older W10 machine and all the fonts giant there too.
    Seems that some ITT are saying they see the same thing while others didn't notice anything. I'm guessing it has something to do with over-riding settings that may have been custom-set by some users, and not others...I'd done some extensive tinkering with font sizes so perhaps that's the problem -- though what's weird is that rolling back to a previous day's settings with Settings Recovery doesn't fix this. This had never happened with prior TWS updates...
    The big concern, of course, is whether any OTHER settings (not just aesthetic like fonts) have been over-ridden with this update...

    (El_Cubano: you can probably go use the most recent "STABLE" rather than "LATEST" TWS, since that won't have been updated yet I though b/c LATEST has a lot of features I want/need)
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