TWS Slow

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jonnyy40, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Anyone having problems in last hour or so?(It's not me)
  2. just21


    delete the log files in ibjts and jts subdirectories. The files can be in the gigabytes.
  3. TGregg


    Working fine for me so far today. Although it never reported any ES trades of 1222.75 to my API.
  4. Just21,sorry,how do I empty these?It's really at a snail's pace.
  5. TGM


    Yeah, Just21. School the non computer people. I tried last time you said that and it does work. I just don't know if I got enough of the logs. Is there a particle file ext?

    Do you mean log.thur etc etc?

    what about failed login dat files?
  6. rickty


    My TWS quotes only update when the mouse is moving over TWS. What's going on?

  7. just21


    log.tue etc they are text files. I have never deleted the login.dat file.