TWS: short-cut does not open the program

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Duder, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Duder


    Hi fellow traders,

    I've downloaded trader software from my new broker (IB), it's an .exe file, after installing it is based in C:/Program Files, and it creates a short cut on on my desktop for easy start-ups. I found out on other forums, this piece of software is Java-based. It's a stand-alone (or desktop version), additional to the webbased platform which has less capabilities.

    So far so good. But when I double-click on the short cut-icon, nothing happens. I have tried it many times. Helpfiles tell me to have the latest Java installed (I believe it's 6.12 now?) and remove older version, what I did. Also, close all other programs running and give it freeway through the firewall. Rebooted. All of this I did.

    Folks on the other forums could not help me out. Also my new broker couldn't help me. So I landed this forum, loaded with Java profs.

    Could anyone suggest what I should do??

    Below a print-screen of the files which are in the program file.... i hope that's helpful for you...
  2. this sounds familiar, the last guy had an anti-virus conflict with tws. try disabling your security / anti-virus software and then loading tws to see if thats the problem, you might have to reboot in between. if not right click the short cut icon, click properties, and tell me the target.
  3. Klamath


    The stand alone has more capabilities than the web based? I've never heard that. What do you need that the stand alone has that the web-based doesn't?
  4. jaley


    maybe he is talking about webtrader?
    TWS standalone and browser version are the exact same files.
  5. AAA30


    Your running Vista. Try redirecting the icon to.

  6. chvid


  7. Duder


    @ chvid

    Thanks a zillion! That worked for me!

    What I dont understand tough is that I received a link from Today Brokers (Dutch affiliate from Interactive Brokers) to download the file, and got stuck on that version. However, the international version (or link it) you provided did the trick. Thanks again.

    @ jaley / Klamath

    I'm sorry, I indeed ment Webtrader.

    I now get confused BTW how many versions there are anyway ?? Anyone who knows?

  8. chvid


    There are only two versions: The java-based version (TWS) and the web-version.