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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Toonces, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Toonces


    If I click on a line with a symbol displayed, and then move the mouse downward, sometimes the right click menu will disappear. Or, it only disappears after you make another selection, such as right click--tools--right click...and the menu disappears. Is this happening to anyone else? It's a new problem since I installed the latest build.
  2. You need to define latest (just the number will do) and its also useful to say what java revision you are using.
  3. AAA30


    I had a similar problem. Try removing the news time or headline column if you use them. This worked for me.

    Vista 64, java 1.5, latest tws build.
  4. AAA30,

    Nearly there an neatly illustrates the problem ... do you mean the latest TWS standalone (878.?) or the latest TWS browser (879.?)

    But obviously, kudos for the very helpful suggestion :)
  5. AAA30


    I use the stand alone version. what ever is the latest update.

    Removing the news item was all that worked for me. Tried the adding a 1 in the the directory but the problem would return shortly. I was also geting wierd effects on the interface.

    The only reason that I noticed the news item caused the problem was I ended up starting fresh(new install) and was rebuilding my layout and as soon as I put the news items in the problem came back.
  6. Catoosa


    I hope you provided IB with information on your discovery.