TWS recent builds issues

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  1. tonite on the late build 857 extended hours charts settings don't work properly: only line charts show data but doesn't update properly. bar or candlestick charts do not show AH data.
  2. line charts:
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    I see that the account look has changed.
  4. moreover for quite some time booktrader doesn't display size on the outside quotes: other than bid/ask/last size the ladder is empty.
    at times, mostly in the second half RTH session, liquidity suddenly appears out of the blue and it's displayed throughout the rest of the day; but the following day again booktrader display no size on outside quotes. this crucial piece of data has been missing in the past two TWS builds at least and has already been an issue more than six months ago: it gotta be restored asap.

    -note i am a mac user-

    thx for your attention, i will post a screenshot soon.
  5. Are you sure this is NOT server-related ? (i.e. those machines that are sending TWS the data). There were several nasty server-related issues a while ago, but they were supposedly fixed. However, they were related to normal market data, not the Depth of Market.
  6. i have no clue...even if that was the case no much i can do about it, innit.

    dunno about nazzy L2 or nyse open book; just on futures booktrader. and now that i recall, this was a HSI issue many months ago: first half session no depth, second half magically appeared, then same thing for US futs... shortly after IB fixed it though.
  7. Just checked BookTrader....all the market depth was there as it should be. 8:30PM CST. I don't use BookTrader. Rather, I use ButtonTrader which is a much superior product.

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    I emailed IB about the AH chart problems and they said they were looking into it.

    I found the problem only on Nasdaq stocks after hours for the past three days.

    They told me to select SMART when I enter the stock but that was already selected.

    I am surprised they didn't tell me to check off show data after hours. :) sometimes they think people that sit at a computer trading 12 hours a day a computer illiterate!!!!

    In the meantime I am using quotetracker for charts and that works. Just the backfill doesn't always grab all the data.

    Luckily I was able short GOOG & long ISRG tonight !!!!!!
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    I run Booktrader on two machines during the day, one on a real account and the other on a paper trading account.

    I have book data from the CME (ES) virtually all the time on the real account. It is almost never there on the paper trading account. THe current bid\ask value and size is always there on the paper BookTrader and always matches unless my testing has opened an order on the paper account.

    At the moment I running 873.3 on the real account and 874.4 on the paper account. I generally run the newer TWS on the paper account before updating the real account. However, the absence of the book values on the paper trading account has been there for the last 6 months to a year, no matter what TWS version. I've always suspected it to be a live server vs simulated server issue and never opened a ticket.

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