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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gordo, Feb 22, 2006.

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    Noticed many of my options quotes were not showing up in TWS page today. So after a little investigating, it seems that they don't show when I log into Quotetracker, when I stop quotes in QT, they show up again. The options appear in TWS sporadically. Anyone had this happen, is it just a bandwidth issue or what? Currently have a cable connection. Charts/quotes in QT don't lag or anything. And the futures and stocks in TWS seem to be fine.


  2. Gordo,

    By default, IB allows you to stream up to 100 symbols at a time. That limit covers all quotes retrieved from IB, be it via TWS, QuoteTracker, or any other application you might have connecting to TWS. Quote requests via the API (QuoteTracker) take precedence over the quotes in TWS. So, if you have your TWS page showing 40 symbols and you are streaming 80 quotes in QuoteTracker, then TWS will only get quotes on 20 of the 40 symbols. Otherwise, you would be over your 100 symbol limit.

    You need to cut down the # of symbols you are tracking in QuoteTracker, TWS, or both so the total will be less than or equal to 100.
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    As always, you have helped to answer my question. Had not thought about that, it does look like I have more than the maximum quotes. Will try deleting a few.

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  4. Osiris


    Sorry to post a bit off thread...but as far as the number of quotes, does Quotetracker itself have any limits on the number of tickers?

    If using IQfeed, for instance, is there a ticker limit with them? I am using IB right now as well....but i will definitely need more than 100 tickers....:(
  5. QT portfolios are max 2,000 each. Watchlist is max 1,000. Most of the time the limit for the streaming sources is way way lower than that.

    IQFeed is max 500 unless you have a DTN.IQ subscription (more expensive), in which case it would be 1,300
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    Thanks Jerry:D

    That is great...i will probably look into DTN.IQ then...500 symbols would do initially...but at some point i would probably need more. Hmm...that is probably unique symbols for the source feeds right? So that if you had the same symbol in 2 different Quotetracker portfolio's, it would only count once toward your source stream limit of say 500?

    Thanks :)
  7. Yes, that 500 limit is on unique symbols. QuoteTracker users get a lower price:

    If at some point you need to upgrade to the higher max, you can contact IQFeed and they can make whatever change is needed
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    Cool...thanks again Jerry:D