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  1. I am new to Interactive Brokers and have been having a lot of problems with its TWS platform (both web-based and standalone). It will slow down after a couple of hours and then it would just freeze. I would have to use the Task Manager to shut the program down. This continues to be a problem despite trying a number of things, including uninstalling and reinstalling Java and TWS, recreating a new profile, increasing the memory allocated to TWS (i.e., from 512MB to 2048MB). I've been trying to get Technical Assistance to help me, but nothing has worked to solve this problem.

    Another problem that I have been experiencing is the long delays in creating a new has taken as long as 2-3 minutes for it to load the data.

    I don't know if anyone else has encountered either of these two problems, but any comments or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
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    Don't use TWS for serious charting! Have a look at, been uusing it for several years already!
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    I had similar problems with IB when I was using a puter with 1 MB of memory. The more web sites I went to and applications opened during the day, the slower it got. Eventually it would lock up and only a hard boot would get me back up.

    I also found that upgrades often caused new problems and since I have 2 computers for trading, updates are done on my back up and used for awhile before updating on my primary.

    And last of all, you have to make sure that it isn't your ISP. One time there was an area problem with mine and I chewed IB's ear about it and it wasn't their fault. At least I was polite while wasting their time :)
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    1MB? :D

    to OP-can you give us your PC spec? OS,CPU,RAM

    i have TWS 889,java 1.62 installed on netbook with 2 gb ram and 1.6 ghz atom CPU-works fine. each TWS instance reserves about 350mb ram. charts-they do have problems with them, and they know about it,i report it long time ago. if you open chart and move the mouse across it on 893 version-it will cause huge spike in CPU usage,even on decent dual core.
    use quotetracker instead,as been recommended. and disable TWS charts.
  5. I have experienced this problem while using my desktop (main computer) and laptop. My desktop is running with an Intel Core Quad CPU 8200 @ 2.33GHz with 6GB of RAM and 64-bit Windows Vista. I'm currently running TWS Build 894.3 and Java 6.0 (Upgrade 13).

    I encounter this problem despite not having any other application open at the same time...not even Internet Explorer. In fact I even try to minimize my workspace to include only 2 live charts, the Integrated Stock Window, Time & Sales and the Order Management open at all times, nothing else.

    It may be due to the recent TWS upgrades that I've been installing on my systems. Does anyone know how to retrieved older versions of the program? I believe IB's website only has one prior version available...nothing further back.

    Thanks for everyone's comments and suggestions.

  6. Right O,
    you can search on elite for the threads on TWS , alot of people have had problems with charts on the new version .
    very old versions will not allow login .
    most everyone knows IB Charts suck anyway . i suggest using another provider for charts , like most other serious traders.
    Good luck
  7. The last time i used ib's charts was about a year or two ago. It would only slow down when i when i used alot of charts 40+.

    Not sure wut the problem would be for u. Your system is just as fast as mine. IB's tws on mine works just fine(stand alone version) with just two charts open and the IB platform.

    I also sugget using quotetracker for your charts but last time i checked the volume was off. That's why i use quotetracker with a td ameritrade feed.

    I also suggest reinstalling you OS and see if that helps.
  8. The problem must be on your side because I always run 4 TWS instances (four, no typo) on my laptop core 2 duo, 1.8 Ghz, 3 gig RAM with a lot of other things openned and a Excel program that takes 50% of the CPU ressources. Maybe Vista, I run XP.
    There are also some log files or something somewhere that may cause problem. I heard people deleting thoses files (corrupted or something) and some problam disapeared. I have no details on that but that maybe a link.
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    4 instances. Wow, incredible! Are they all blanks?
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    Dedicate one computer to trading, put it behind a white listing firewall, never ever open the firewall to anything but the severeal url's needed for trading. Result = no more problems with TWS or anything at all, ever... well, I got some odd fills with stop orders in the sim account, otherwise, nada... If you do have a problem, reinstall the OS with a hdd format..
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