TWS Problems cont.

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  1. After install win2000 on my broker computer I had problems with TWS freezing up after about an hour. I could not do anything with it, even shut it down. Had to reboot. Support suggested updating video drivers so I went one further and bought a new video card with 2000 drivers. This did not change anything. I was unable to solve the problem so I fdisked and put 98 back on and it works fine. Anybody had this problem and solved it?
  2. Maybe you should give more info

    - TWS standalone or browser ?
    - Sun Java version ?
    - Network Card (NIC) ?

  3. Thanks for the info Ernie. I checked all the things mentioned. I said that going back to win98 solved the problem. Not true. Yesterday it froze on me again. This is driving me bananas. I did not have the problem with the previous version of Java. Could that be the problem? I cant believe that I am the only one having this problem. I have an older version of TWS and Java on my laptop and I do not have any problems with it freezing up. I dont like using it but I may have to until I figure this out.

    p.s. Ernie

    My add/remove panel says I have Java2 RuntimeEnvironment.SE v1.40. My download says JRE1.40. Dont know if this means anything.
  4. If you are behind a firewall or proxy, your IB connection through the standalone version of TWS may never work, thats what happened to me.

    Have experienced freezes, keep trying to conect, etc. on Win2K, WinNT, etc.

    Try using the browser version to see if it helps. I got it working with the browser version (IE5.5 and IE6) ...
  5. Hi Lawrence. I am thinking of using TWS and your comments re: TWS possibly locking up due to proxy or firewall piqued my interest. i use 2 computers linked by a linksys router which enables the 2 to share 1 cabl modem. Does the linksys qualify as a firewall?

    thanks in advance.
  6. GATrader

    Yes and no. It performs a subset of firewalling. Reference this thread for a better explaination:

    The linksys gateway should not be a problem because it does not block outgoing connections.


    It could be a hardware device driver. Try changing your NIC card and driver. Also, does the whole computer crash or just TWS? When the computer crashed under Win2000 did you get the blue screen of death? If so, what was the message left on your screen?

  7. Bullfighter

    No the computer does not crash. Just TWS freezes up. I can still go into other programs. I do not have a network card on this computer. It is an 850 Athalon with 512 ram and only one monitor and the TWS is the only thing I run on it. I went back to an older version of Java and will see what happens today.
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    Do you use either DSL or Cable? If you do, you may have a network card even though you do not realize it. Both usually use network cards to connect to your computer.
  9. I am using a dialup unfortunately but it works pretty suprizingly well. Speed of execution is not a problem for me but this freezing is definitely a problem. This morning, however, I have not had any problems so now I really suspect the new Java version.
  10. An update in case anyone else runs into this problem and does a search in the future. I have been running three days now on the previous version of Java and it has not stalled once. I have no idea where the conflict was.
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