TWS price alerts suddenly disappeared

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  1. I discovered over 90% of my price alerts have mysteriously disappeared. This is a big blow to me because they represent several hours of pain-staking work. Can the alerts be recovered? I need the alerts to inform me when important trades are ready to be made.

    Has anyone encountered the same issue? This is one of the rare occasions when I encountered deep shit from Interactive Brokers platform.
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    You can load a layout from the last five days in TWS.
  3. I tried but the alerts are gone. I think the alerts are stored on the server, rather than on the client PC. Restoring layouts will not help.
  4. The same issue happened 2 days in a row. Alerts totally disappeared the next morning.
    The first time it happened was yesterday on a Sunday 8Sep2019. Markets don't open in the weekend, so it cannot be alerts getting hit. I created new alerts after the alerts totally disappeared yesterday. This morning, the alerts disappeared totally again.
    This is a terrible thing to happen because I depend a lot on these price alerts to know what to trade. Lots of man-hours lost too when I decide what price alerts to set up.

    I hope this problem get fixed soon.

    Anyone encountered the same issue or is it just me?
  5. This has happend to me too. Once again IB messing shit up
  6. May I ask which region are you from? Asia?
  7. What the hell happened? The alerts disappeared again a few minutes ago. This happened 3 times within 2 days. It's a serious problem.
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    I noticed this morning that I haven't received the automated email notification from IB for any of the 3 trades that have filled for me... Is this some setting that I need to find and re-enable somehow?
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    Also - The "IB Key" 2FA hasn't been reliably popping up on my android phone. Sometimes it has taken several tries of "logging in" to get the IB Key thing to show up on my phone.
  10. I encounter the same problem here too. IB backend doesn't seem to be as stable as before.

    This problem is tolerable compared to alerts disappearance. I still can log in by manually keying in the challenge code, although it's more inconvenient.
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