TWS newly added remote tcp connection

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by fader, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. fader


    as of today, i have noticed a new remote tcp connection to (host name,
    in addition to the typical regular connections to (as i understand, account server) and (as i understand, market data server) - does anyone know what is the reason / function for this new connection? thx
  2. Maybe it's checking the version of TWS so it can give you those annoying popups?
  3. Xenia


  4. Fat lot of good for those of us that have "locked down" their machines and have pop-up blockers, stateful inspection firewalls etc etc in place.

    Not thought through,

  5. fader


    thanks, but i think what you are mentioning has been a feature of TWS for some time, i believe this feature will simply connect once to bring up the status webpage - what i mean is that as of today, i have an ongoing connection that remains open throughout the day, initiated by javaw.exe to - i guess i will email them to find out, thx.