TWS mystic last login and login failure

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  1. TWS keeps showing mystic last login which I don't know where it comes from. What's wrong. I am worried.

    Also I usually cannot login until several times later. What happens. I am worried.
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  3. whady mean? It's hairy. It's pain in the ass.

  4. what is going on... I CANNOT LOG IN to TWS~
  5. shyhh


    can't log in too. Says wrong password ???
  6. MR.NBBO


    IB is having massive system problems this should take the cake for them
  7. JORGE


    I have been getting logged in and out all morning
  8. shyhh


    i went on to update my TWS and manage to login. Don't know if this is cause of the problem
  9. It happens to me now when I update tws to the latest version. What cures it for me is creation of a new shortcut on desktop. If I update and use the old shortcut it brings up login screen and let's me put the login information in but it just sits there after I hit enter.

    To solve it after next update delete old shortcut and go to start programs and create new shortcut on desktop.

  10. One day I had a similar problem - when trying to login the TWS would just retry logins ad nauseaum. Then I typed in a wrong password just as a longshot, and thereafter the correct login went smoothly. I tried entering 20+ logins before that; it could be a coincidence, but who knows.
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