tws long and short at same time

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    I was wondering if it was possible to go long and short an asset on TWS in the same account

    IE long 10 e-mini futures and
    short 10 e-mini futures.

    Obviously if you held this position indefinitely there would be no P & L.

    You could do this if you had two accounts, but I currently do not=/

    I ask this in this forum because I want to be able to send this trade in through TWS java api.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I looked into SShort, but this appears to not be supported.
  2. if you have an institutional or group account, you should be able to do this with sub accounts.

    I don't think anybody would let you go long and short the same security in a single account though, because there's no way to 'account' for that... it would look like a closed trade unless they were in seperate accounts somehow.
  3. If you are long 10 and short 10, that mean you pay 48$ commission and you are still flat! Good work!
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    obviously this would be part of a larger strategy that would employ the fact that you are currently long 10/short 10 . I developed the strategy with the understanding that there are commissions :)
  5. Ok so you are flat, I understand.
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    That's a Polish Arb!
  7. It's called "short against the box"...
    And it's still useful for VERY HARD TO BORROW securities.

    You never actually close your short position...
    Instead you buy long stock to offset it.
    When you sell the long you are short again.

    And no... IB does not allow this in one account.
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    uh lol, if I was to post the strategy you would understand :) Maybe if you expand your mind to maybe understand why someone would want to hold something that is flat and be accounted to actually holding that you might actually figure something out. anyways, I'll let you continue to think you've got the world figured out, and be on my way.

    I'm just trying to get a straight answer regarding TWS:)

    Thanks to the person that explained sub accounts, i'll work on getting one.

  9. Oh, I see...
    You've "invented" a new way to manipulate the market...
    Or evade an NASD regulation...
    Something no one has EVER thought of before.
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    e mini Futures are not considered "Hard to Borrow Securites", so he is not SHORT against the box, did you bother to read The OP's first post?

    The only way to accomplish this is two accounts, otherwise any broker considers you FLAT!
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