TWS login problem due to port setting!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by janko, May 15, 2003.

  1. janko


    hey guys, sorry to post this here but i have exhausted my sources. I have recently gotten a new connection at my dorm and am having problems logging into tws. (IB) apparently they only allow few ports to go out from here. IM not sure what that means, but apparently there is a problem with this for me to login into IB. basically what happenes is that i try to login and it just hangs and goes through many attempts but no luck, then it tells me java conection error, some sort of a time out, i cant seem to duplicate the message now. the administrator told me that only few ports are allowed to go out. basically even kazza wont work for me, which i guess i can do without but IB i need!!! i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling tws and also java, but no luck. i have tried during installation of tws to set the port to 8080 which is what the admin gave me, but still no luck. can you guys help me please???!!!! is there soemthing else i can adjust or set so that ib will work? thnx guys for any help.
  2. pretzel


    Maybe you can try the website version?

  3. janko


    i have tried the website version as well. the error message that i get is as follows.
    login failed - connection timed out:connect

    and the only option is to click ok and then i can try again with same results. any ideas guys???
  4. You are almost for sure dealing with a subject that has been dealt with on several different threads. One of the best is

    IB TWS & Firewalls

    Just do a search on the above and you should get a lot of good ideas.