TWS & Java eating memory

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Rex, Jul 1, 2009.

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    Anyone using the chart grouping function in IB'S TWS?

    I have been using this function to tab through the stocks in the order management window and display charts on another display.

    Problem is TWS or java, not sure which, uses another 5,000K memory.

    This continues until all memory ( 1gig) currently allocated to TWS is used.

    After memory limit is hit the cpu use increases to 50% ( on a dual core chip) and TWS freezes.

    IB techs have been no help at all.

    Each time I call I get a different answer, ranging from "the is a known issue" to " your not a Java programmer and don't understand programing"....WTF.

    Anyone having this issue?


    Basically I have a list of stocks that I tab through on one page and display the corresponding chart on another display.

    Seems simple enough, I can't fathom why this is so difficult.

    Sorry for the rant, IB's support or lack there of , rattles my cage.

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  3. tws charts always been a prob. most people use third party app such as Quotetracker to plot charts and data. Works like a charm.
  4. Yes, Quotetracker for the win. Use the the FAQ/Help function on the quotetracker website for getting proper tickers.
  5. JRE/TWS took 40%+ mem, it is extremely slow. My solution was that I uninstalled the latest versions of JRE/TWS and installed older versions for both, the problem went away.
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    Thanks to all who have replied.

    How can programming a charting program be so complicated?

    Cache the first five charts and delete the rest how difficult can it be?

    Anyone using buttontrader or
  7. Catoosa


    A line trades chart of ES Globex does more than eat my PC memory, it crushes my CPU..
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    I'm being told this problem is going to be resolve in the next software release, this week or next.

    Lets keep our fingers crossed and send a thanks to member DAV, if this actually comes true.
  9. Sounds like a memory leak in TWS code. The only work around is to increase the maximum heap size argument for the JRE eg


    will set max heap size to 1500 MByte.

    Of course this just delays restarting TWS for a bit longer.

    The reason it gets slow is that as maximum heap size is approached, the JRE spends more and more time looking for free memory in the the heap and less and less time doing what you want it to be doing. Typical of a Java app with severe memory leaks.
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    I wonder what would be an example of memory leaks in Java? Can't think of any.
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