TWS is loading charts slowly...."attempting to retrieve data"

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  1. so i only have 4 to 5 charts but for some reason, the charts are loading very slow...
    I set it as 2048mb memory and have an i7 CPU with 16GB ram plus windows 7 64bit...

    everytime i switch stock, the charts are loading very slow (30 to 40 sec) and sometimes just won't load until you switch to anther stock and come back again.

    anything that can help load the chart faster?

    in the future, what kind of laptop i have to buy to make TWS works better and load charts faster?
  2. tommcginnis


    Turn on Task Manager, and do some digging.
    You've got somebody doing a major suck on your resources.
    I don't *think* it's TWS' fault, but rather a symptom.
  3. El_Cubano


    Nope.... It's tws... Or probably more accurately, IB's servers/data feeds. Happens to me all the time.

    Mainly pre market... But during active hours happens too. IB's data feed leaves a lot to be desired
  4. But how to improve it, the slow loading speed it's killing me

    Or can't improve cuz it's yes problem?

    I tired disable the task but nothing is working
  5. El_Cubano


    I dunno. It must be tied to having a lot of charts open because I have very customized layout with lots of charts open of multiple time frames. Must hang fetching the different time frames all at once.

    Sometimes all the time frames fail to load. Sometimes some time frames load and others don't. Sometimes all but one time frame load.

    I just go back and forth between other tickers till it seems to get knocked loose
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  6. Ahhhh yes this is what happen here...same ...

    I don't get it how can this be with all the computer processing...

    When I do live chat with IB they only say increase memory to 2048...
  7. JSOP


    That happens from time to time. Has nothing with do your computer. It's IB's server that's slow. Happens mostly during the night after/around midnight when they are doing the server reset.
  8. No I have the same problem in trading times...
    930am to 4 pm
  9. El_Cubano


    Yeah... It's not just late at night around the server reset. I'm talking early morning pre market when I notice it the most
  10. I have the same experience. When having multiple charts for the same ticker (e.g. hourly, daily and weekly) I see that sometimes one or more charts do not load properly. My guess is that the data is collected from IB's server for each chart separately, based on the settings for that chart.
    This effect can be visible more pronounced if you try to display stitched futures. That requires prices to be downloaded from multiple contracts, and then stitched together.
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