TWS hiccups in fast market. (JAVA ISSUE!!)

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by local_crusher, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. As some of you may have realised, markets are a little over-active this week.

    Regarding IB: The network connection is fine, but this bloated Java TWS thing "hiccups" each time much market data comes in.

    CPU - Useage goes to 70 - 100% for a few seconds, the whole "software" freezes as it processes the data.
    May have to do with that dumb Java garbage collection.

    Not good. really !!!!
  2. flux-U-8


    Can somebody recommend a front end that can handle this kind of volume?

    Book trader is taking 3 clicks to place trades.

    Im getting question marks on my main position page

    Im looking at 2 bids 2 asks on the ES

    My whole screen is buggy !!!

    Customer service has no fix either !!!!
  3. Are the issues gone if switch back to older build? The new one is really mess up, everyday.
  4. lwlee


    IB freezing when I was short. Cost me money. Difficult to trade in these conditions.
  5. I cannot go back before 867 or 866. Does not work for some reason.

    BTW, I will make no trades today. First, this is gambling, second, quite a few systems are affected by the extreme volume.
  6. I cannot believe IB not having their own PV group? They let us test their new release for free. WTF.
  7. Why don't you guys check out OpenEcry. Yesterday they operated flawlessly in this environment of heavy volume and fast quotes. No lagging in prices or orders and business as usual.

    What's more, they have excellent customer service. I've used many brokers over the years and OEC are head and shoulders above the rest. Remember, every broker has issues from time to time - the measure of their value is what they do when problems occur. OEC responds - and fast.

    I get quote feeds live from several brokers and OEC's feeds are the fastest by a noticeable difference.

    Best wishes,
  8. Realist


    are you guys getting shitty feed from IB as well?? quotes freeze every couple of seconds. this sucks..
  9. yep, quotes freeze when large number of orders get trough, typically resistance/support areas.
    no problemo though making trades and my pc is rubbish.
  10. lwlee


    I went into features and turned everything off that I didn't need. I would delete some pages but I don't want to have to recreate them later.

    Entering and canceling order seems faster but it may just be because volume has gone down.
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