TWS - Group Window's Feature Removed in latest version

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by gaz0001, May 3, 2021.

  1. gaz0001


    TWS - Group Window's Feature Removed in latest version
    Anyone else noticed this?

    Is it just me that uses the windows grouping feature? I was expecting the internet to be on fire with rage.

    Spoke with the Customer Service online, and apparently its a new feature that windows grouping does not work on different tabs. :-(
  2. guru


    It seems to work fine for me, though I don't know what "latest version" means. I just started TWS as usual today, and I believe it's updated every night, so it should be the latest.
    If there is anything changed then possibly most people may not have seen it yet.
  3. Working fine for me also.
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  4. gaz0001


    When you launch TWS there's an option button. It lets you select between STABLE, LATEST and BETA.
    I have always used LATEST because for many months the STABLE didnt calculate VWAP correctly, and then after they fixed the VWAP, the Bollinger Bands broke on STABLE.

    You guys must both be running STABLE version. The changes to window grouping are not effective in STABLE version yet.

    (FYI - you guys are missing out on some cool bits and pieces from LATEST version. For example, when you go to buy 1000 shares of something, just underneath it, it tells you the $$ value, so you dont have to manually calculate it. This has been in LATEST for 2 years. Never made it to STABLE version)