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  1. My TWS lost connectivity this morning as my server lost it's network connection. It's back up, data is flowing, but the grid still looks as if the data was lost. I've tried ctrl-alt-r, ctrl-r, everything and I have not been able to get it to look normal again. Anyone had this problem and got it fixed?


    P.S. I could of course restart TWS but then I have to restart all my API based programs which I'd rather avoid if possible
  2. Bob111


    click on market data on right lower corner of TWS to make sure you are connected.
    it does possible that you connected to market data, but not to servers that handle the orders.

    i would restart PC and TWS rather than guessing. also-messages from API(if any) should indicate\confirm your connection.
    or you can place an order via API away from market and see, if it's been accepted.(on other hand there is so many glitches in TWS that you nevr know,what's working and what's not)
    i submit the order once on one account-order was dark blue. on same account,on different PC,using different name-same order status was green...after a call to CS turns out order is not routed anywhere at all. go figure..
  3. Bob,

    As it turned out my API connection was not properly connected, something was wrong and I needed to restart TWS. Orders from my client were not getting to TWS. I guess that's what the gridlines were telling me. It's working now though thanks!

  4. vikana

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    I vaguely remember hearing about CTRL-R?

    If you could, I'd much appreciate an explanation of CTRL-R and CTRL+ALT+R

  5. Bob111


    CTRL+ALT+R= reconnect
  6. In my case it didn't do anything as I was already connected (all market data was green) but something was still wrong.