TWS Freezing ???

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rcj, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. rcj


    Login ok but TWS locking up...twice in last 30 min, duration of
    freeze 5 to 10 min.

    Trace route is fine.

    Be careful!!! i wuz lucky i got two YM trades off while i didnt realize TWS was frozen...was using ZLT. Latest ver of TWS here.

    Anyone else ??
  2. gangof4


    last night i had 3 pink outs that not only cost me several hundred dollars- when i restarted TWS, one part of the executions window was showing me stopped out of my position, while every other part of TWS (ie: TWS window, booktrader, account summary and the summary part of the executions window) showed me still long the position. wasn't until 5 minutes later, and restarting TWS for a 4th time did i learn that i was stopped out. during that time, maddening calls to HK customer service where nobody was qualified to answer a pretty basic question: 'do i have any open positions in my account'.

    how in the world can one know what to do when TWS shows you have an open position in 5 different places when, in fact, you don't have an open position. when this would happen when i was on the US server, they'd blame it on the server reset. now that they no longer have that lie for an excuse, they have yet to come up with a new excuse- they still take no responsibility.

    now old trader and damnit (ib shills) will reply and insult me/ defend ib without considering how fucked up this is...
  3. rcj


    Here's what keeps happening here. ...right now.

    <img src=>
  4. damnit will most likely just send you a threatening PM.
  5. rcj


    Get screen shots and save them.
  6. rcj


    Ok ... now looks like i am not getting Globex data. No freezing

  7. Globex, currencies all still coming through just fine.

    What version of TWS, Java and OS are you using?
  8. rcj


    latest standalone. and Java.

    thanks for info KW. Probably on my end. working on it.

  9. You might want to try java 1.5 14 as recommended by IB. I don't but they report that they have some problem with 1.6 so maybe its hitting you.

    The browser based TWS has at least one patch related to connectivity (with the backfill servers though) so you might also want to try 880.4. I've been running 880s all week.

    I always wonder about OS when people have funny errors too. I keep an image of Win XP Pro SP2 with all my base software as fresh installed and restore it every month using Acronis. Have SP3 on now as well for the dual core processor improvements.
  10. gangof4


    the problem with that with IB is that even when you prove a problem like this, they don't take ownership of it, make no effort to fix it, and act as if your resultant negative financial ramifications should be chalked up to 'shit happens' and move on; and, to act otherwise, is to show that you're a crybaby wannabe trader who doesn't understand that experienced 'real' traders view such things as a normal part of the business.

    given that, in a fast market condition (it's always fast market conditions in the HSI, and yesterday was more so), i certainly don't have time to take screen shots of 5 screens- i'm more focused on the fact that i may or may not have an open position where the resultant P or L will be my problem alone.

    as i've expressed many times... there are many things about IB that i like BUT... churning out new versions of TWS week after week without first addressing the glitches and reliability issues that have NEVER been addressed along with providing the server redundancy that traders need is ridiculous. if they stabilized the platform, i'd be their biggest fan (and could even deal with the condescending arrogance...
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