TWS Freezing up

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by kgoodfl, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. kgoodfl


    Anyone had problems with IB TWS freezing up? Mine has been freezing whenever the market gets busy and usually exactly when I want to make a trade. The charts freeze up and it won't transmit anything. REALLY BIG PROBLEM!:confused:
  2. I had to reload windows after tws froze up. Everything looks fine until you actually try to do something in the application. Reinstalling windows cured it and tws has been fine since.
  3. BSAM


    918.7 running good.
  4. Do you have tws installed or do you download it every day?
  5. kgoodfl


    I reload every day from the web - use web version. Started completely over yesterday with new settings and still freezing up.

    I am on a Mac. Powerful. Plenty of speed on internet too. no other programs freezing.

    Tech was no help. They just told me to start over which is what they always do but it takes days to re-create the settings. Tech manager said the only way for them to help was for him to get into my computer remotely and fiddle around. I said no way! Big security risk letting someone into your computer remotely. Anyway, I think my son who is a programmer knows more than they do.

    I'm don't know what to do other than switch my money back to Ameritrade because Think or Swim never froze. This has happened over and over with different versions of TWS on different computers. I think it has nothing to do with my computer but maybe to do with their servers getting overloaded because it freezes mostly when the market is moving fast right when I want to make a trade!!!!

    AAPL chart froze up while I was watching it so I had no idea it was about to hit my stop. Sold at a price I did not want to sell. Would have moved my stop had I known.
  6. JavaBen


    Well, it may have been once true that TOS never froze, but I can tell you that my experience has been different.

    I NEVER trade on TOS on the same day as a code release anymore. For me, it's been a nightmare.

    I'm looking to go with another broker now. Had thought it would be IB, but now from seeing these issues, not sure where to go!
  7. man I've been running the standalone tws non stop since Sunday afternoon. Two screens one real and one simulated without a problem.