TWS - Excel - Integration (no, no again!)

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Karl Blau, Jan 23, 2002.

  1. Hi,

    this forum is great. I am from germany and I didn't find anything comparable to this!

    My Question:

    I just opened my depot at IB. On I found some information about IBs DDE-System.
    I downloaded the ddedll.dll copied it into the win dir, downloaded the sample-spreadsheet.
    But it doesn't work.

    This is what I do:
    I start the Trader Workstation (Build 748.7). Trader Workstation itself works out right (=> I receive Realtime Data). I activate [Settings]->[Enable Excel Integration]. Then I run the Excel Spreadsheet.
    I enter username highlight an Symbol (example: ES) and press [Request Market Data]. Then the Marketdata-Fields as Bid-Price, Last Price, etc. are filled with strange symbols (example: ž@àV).
    Also the Page in TWS where the realtime data is updated doesn't work after connecting Excel with TWS.

    I contacted IB but they couldn't help me.

    Does anyone have an idea what is wrong?

    Thanks alot!!!

    I am going to program a tool which collects the intraday tick and creates an ascii-file. Does such a tool already exist?


    Karl Blau
  2. Hi,

    it's me again. An other point:

    It would help me if you could send me a line of programming code with which I refere via DDE to the IB-Software to receive a tick information (example: last price of E-Mini S&P).

    I am programming in Visual Basic 6.0.

    Then it would be easier for me to find my mistake.


    Karl Bl
  3. drbtk


    First you need to establish your link. After you put in your user name into the Excel file you need to save the file, close the file and then reopen it. The Excel file should ask if you want to run macros (yes) and then if you want to establish link (yes). The instructions for using the DDE link are in various places and you really have to search for the complete picture.
  4. BeenHere


    >It would help me if you could send me
    >a line of programming code...

    Check out a thread called "DDE speed with IB" under the software catagory.

    Good luck
  5. Hi Karl,

    the problem could be related to your "locale" settings. I had problems once where the program (DDE as well) couldn't handle decimal numbers like 6.245. When I switched my settings from using a "," (what most Europeans use) to "." (like the American system), the problem dissapeared and I started receiving numbers that made sense.

    Viel Spaß beim programieren.

  6. Thanks for your help!

    I found the wrong point: I had two things running parallel: the Browser-Based and the Stand-Alone Software. These two things need two different "ddedll.dll" files.

    I deleted the file and uninstalled the software.

    The I installed the latest version of TWS.

    No it works.

    Next Problem:

    I tried to get the tick data into a visual basic form.

    I am not shure what to insert in the following fields:

    >Text1LinkTopic = "XXXXXXXX|tik!id0?last" ' XXXXXXXXX is my login name
    >Text1LinkMode = 2

    But something is wrong.

    Does anyone now what?

  7. BeenHere


    >But something is wrong.

    >Does anyone now what?


    See the code examples in the thread "DDE speed with IB" in the software category. Use that code as it works well.

    Good luck