TWS: erroneous account information

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Boy Plunger, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Net Liquidation in TWS has been wrong for nearly two months now. Unrealized PnL is wrong for every position held. Defaults have to be constantly reset for entering orders. And now, Option trader does not save any option chains--they have to be manually entered each time you log on.

    IB management has stated quote:

    " This is a feature of the TWS that has no impact on your account. We understand that this feature is important to our customers, and we're working to repair the code responsible for this function. We've raised the the urgency internally on the bug, and depending on what other projects are on the development queue, this will hopefully speed the resolution."
    signed Salvatore Recco, Manager-Professional Services.

    The reply is dated 6/09/06
  2. nushtoti


    this is disturbing...especially if its still true.

    any updates??
  3. cscott


    Yes, this is disturbing. Like thousands of other IB customers, I wish IB would just fix current features BEFORE adding new ones.
  4. This is precisely why I don't trade with them anymore. I've had too many problems with their statements as well.