TWS Disappearing Charts

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    Been going on for months(at least on paper account), but today, on the middle of trading day SPY is gone for good 10 minutes. ES futures are fine. 4 charts, only 2 securities,running on empty computer
    TWS 972, windows 10 PC
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    No problems on real account today or any other day. Fund your account and upgrade 973.
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    Yea it happens, just change the timeframe to any other and it should work and then you can put it back to the original timeframe

    Or change the ticker symbol then go back to SPY ticker
  4. Bob111


    account was funded probably 20 years ago. it's certainly not TWS version or OS related. I've seen it on XP and much older versions of TWS
  5. Why are you insisting its not a tws version issue? It may very well be. In fact thats the possibility that is more likely to be the culprit than any other possibility. Do you have a link to the post where you complained about disappearing charts x versions ago?

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    A link? As I said above: I've seen this on tws 962, running on xp months ago. Every single day. No problems with data streaming into via API into my application. I build a new pc, running on windows 10, updated tws to 972 only to see exact same problem. I'm not eager to go up to a tws 973 for a variety of reasons.what makes you think, that if problem was in 962, in 972 (and confirmed by another user above) that switching to another version of tws will solve the problem? Specially after all steps mentioned above?
  7. Well, the question is: Do you just like to moan and complain or solve a problem. If the latter, I am more than happy to try to help. But for that we need more information. What exact version of TWS are you running? Which OS version (including exact version number)? Which virus software are you using? Are you behind a vpn or other sort of firewall? What exactly are you seeing on TWS that bothers you? When does it occur? Can you give us a reproducible guidance to how we can replicate your issue?

    Edit: I have never had a chart disappear on my TWS so it is definitely not a TWS issue in general but something very specific to your setup.

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    Your logic is it's never happened to you so it must be specific to their setup?

    With no prior issues, in the past few months, I'm getting charts going blank for a period of time, then repainting and resuming normally. In the past two weeks, the frequency has increased, but it is only a number of times a day, so it's only a minor inconvience.

    Neither the OS nor Windows upgraded since going to TWS 963 on Win 7, one day shy of a year ago. I have upgraded Java twice during that time, currently running my code (not TWS, which has it's own Java) on 1.8.0_0201 since March 12, 2019.

    I have three TWS chart windows open:
    • The window with a day candle for 30 days with volume and three indicators has not been affected.
    • The window with seven hours of 1 minute candles with seven indicators is rarely affected.
    • The window with two charts, these go blank a number of times a day: one with 47 minutes of 1 min candles with volume & 14 indicators; and, one with 8 minutes of 1 second lines with 18 indicators. They usually go blank together. The candle chart recovers well before the line chart, which can take up to ten minutes before it will redisplay from being blank. As it's just an inconvience, I haven't paid it too much attention, but it appears to happen more frequently from noon, increasing in frequency and increasing recovery time as the afternoon progresses.
    It presents like a Refresh. But takes a lot longer before resuming displaying the chart.
    I'm not requesting a Refresh, but it presents like something is triggering such.
    I've not seen them recover near as fast as when I do a Refresh from TWS>View.

    But it is happening and it is a new behavior, without anything changing in my OS nor my TWS version since last April, nor any TWS settings since some time in 2018. I do occasionally use an indicator's checkbox to turn the display of an indicator off/on, but except for a test right now (and the on/off is near instant), I haven't done that since January. My own code running through the API is changing, but its only calculating indicators and managing orders, not changing any charts/groups.

    As it's just an inconvience - in paper trading - I wouldn't spend any time on it. If it happens live, that would be another matter.
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    Any particular tickers? I'm having problems with SPY all day long.takes forever to get data on chart.
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    SPY it is.
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