TWS demo price not match YAHOO!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by shliang, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. shliang



    I'm a newbie to trading and trying out TWS. I noticed that the price in TWS doesn't match those on YAHOO! What's going on? E.g., TWS demo shows INTC reaches $30 on sept 4, while on yahoo daily high is about $26.3

  2. maxpi


    You have an account and are running the demo account or you are using the paper trader? I think there is a paper trader or something for people with no account.

    I'm not seeing $30 on my demo account chart. What, specifically are you viewing, a chart, what???????
  3. The demo account doesn't have to match anything ... its just there to show you what TWS etc looks like.

    If you want data get a real account.
  4. shliang


    Max, Kiwi, thank you for the reply.

    1. Max, I don't have an account. I'm very new to the field of trading. I am reading chart of Intel (INTC). Perhaps there are multiple 'worlds' in the demo server farm. I'd take a look at paper trader, thx for telling me this.

    2. Kiwi, I guess you are right. It's only a demo.

  5. maxpi


    It came to light recently that the simulated account data can be gamed, that is the account you get when you have a real account but is a simulation... those are good for testing your automated system for working with the API or for simulated trading to some extent but results with a real market might be different at times..

    I've been using NinjaTrader with the simulation account from time to time and it always seems to work fine for that.

    There are a lot of choices for broker, software, data provider... enjoy :)