Tws- Demo Bug

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by SmoothTraderFX, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. I found a IB-TWS's Bug.

    I was tweaking my ats program connected to TWS, and observing how it behaves when a sudden internet disconnection occurs.

    -BUY 1 contract > Long 1
    -Cut the internet connection(using controlpanel>Local Area Connection-Disabled)
    -SELL 1 contract > Should be Flat(0), but [Short 1] instead, TWS shows.

    Actually, after this strange behavior, I need to BUY1 to go Flat.

    Looking at the log, TWS certainly has preformed Buy1, Sell1, however, the disconnection made a mess for the position calculation.

    I haven't tested in real account and actual trading but wonder if this strange behavior of TWS affects the real trading mode since I have heard some problems on TWS here.

    Any comment?


  2. Actually, I want to switch from IB to another broker with more stable platfrom/order-routing system.
    Appearently, IB has lost their edge of low price of commision.
    I need stability since I employ Automated Trading System.

    The candidates would be Refco-Pro and X-Trader.
    Since I need API for the platform, it's so dissapoing Refo-Pro(Easy screen EAT) doesn't offer it. I like Refco, too.
    TT X-Trader only allows API for the Pro version which costs $1400 which I think ripped-off.
  3. The version of the demo browser TWS is Build 817.3 2004/02/04.

    I hope the bug is just from the demo-back office problem.